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Written by Grant Cardone, it is surely a must-read for the typical self-help book reader. It is also a good and interesting book for the reader who is new to the self-improvement genre.

The book is introduced with such a quote that defines the whole book in just one line. “Anyone that suggests to me to do less is either not a real friend or very confused!”- Grant Cardone

So, what is the 10x Rule?

The 10x Rule is a lifestyle, it is something you’ve been searching for, it is your key to success.

The 10x rule will take you places beyond your imagination, The 10X Rule will ensure your success regardless of your talent, education, financial situation, organizational skills, time management or the industry you are in, as described by the author himself.

The basic focus of the book is on the fact that any goal you set is going to be difficult to achieve, and you will be disappointed, so it is better to set goals that are much higher than the beginning.

An example is given by Cardone, suppose your goal is to make a $100,000 but you apply the 10x rule and convert that aim to a million dollars. The better option would be the goal of a million dollars as it will motivate you to achieve an actual amount of way more than you could have with the original goal. A 10% achieved from both the goals will have a major difference.

Success cannot be achieved by “normal” levels of thoughts and actions. This way you will have a more accurate idea of how much effort, time or energy is required. If it does not take 10x the work you calculated, you will not be too surprised, but at least you will not be greatly disappointed as you would have been before applying the 10x rule to your original plan.

The author explains the importance of the 10x rule based on his own experiences as followed;

He shares his own story of how every project he has ever been involved in, he underestimated the time, money, energy and hard-work required to get to the point of success.

Any client or new sector of business the author targeted, had already taken 10x more calls, e-mails, and contacts than he had predicted. Even getting his wife to date and marry him took 10x more energy and work than he had calculated.

Regardless of the experience or how superior someone’s product or service is, there can be any minor thing that an individual has not correctly planned, any sort of unexpected event can occur.

The purpose of the author of saying this is not to scare the reader, rather prepare them for where the bigger opportunities exist. Only the 10x mind set can help you face these challenges and support you in achieving maximum potential.

Success is important

Success is your duty

There is no shortage of success

You should consider it unethical to not live up to your full potential. There are four degrees of action;

1- No action: It refers to making zero efforts to achieve your goals.

2- Reverse action: This refers to heading into another path and finding excuses for why your dreams won’t come true.

3- Average action: This is a common methodology and used by a lot of people. It is the sort of action in which you only do some effort towards achieving success.

4- Massive action: This refers to making efforts non-stop and working hard until you make your dreams come true and achieve success.

To work with the 10x mentality, you will need to adopt the massive action mindset alongside.

The funny thing is that all of these degrees of action take the same amount of energy. For example; the energy being used in reverse action to come up with excuses and making effort to go in the wrong directions that will not help you can be diverted towards massive action where you can utilize this energy and achieve your goals easily.

Massive action may lead to new and different problems or difficulties, but it is a good thing.

How come, you ask?

It is a good thing because if you try to deal with the same problems over and over or are stuck on the same problems for a long period of time, it means there has not been enough growth.

You should keep moving and dealing with new problems in order to see signs of achieving growth. Take competitors out of your mind:

This statement basically means that when you are thinking with the 10x mentality, you will be way above the goals of your competitors. You will be working a lot more than them and the only competition will be with your own self.

Fear; The author’s views on fear are that when you feel fear you should instantly build up the courage and deal with it, rather than wasting time and giving fear the opportunity to grow.

When goals are talked about, the author encourages the reader to set goals and make a list and not plan too much–rather start taking actions. A person who follows the 10x mindset will never reduce their goals, thinking that the newer goal is more realistic. Everything is possible if you just have the right mindset for it.

The main concept of this book is to teach you to find new ways to stay motivated and show up. Always work on your full potential to get a good return. It is said that true motivation comes from the inside, it is never too late to adapt the 10x lifestyle.

You can always switch to the 10x mentality to achieve the maximum results and not lead yourself to disappointment when your goals or effort is so small. As said in the title, the 10x rule is the only difference between success and failure. There is no limit to success, just make sure you have the right thinking for it.

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