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Do you know Howard Stephen Berg? The world’s fastest reader. Do you know how fast he can read? He set the world record of reading 80 pages per minute!

A guy asked Bill Gates and Warren, “If you can have a superpower, what it would be?” And their answer was the ability to read super fast. I hope you got the importance of reading speed.

Even two billionaires who are already on the list of the top 5 richest people of this world, want the superpower to read faster!

1. Read more

When you read more and more your brain gets to know more words and more phrases and your brain make habit of reading. It creates a strong neural network of your brain!

When you read a new chapter for the first time, you take more time but when you read it for the second time you read it faster than before. Because now your brain is familiar with that chapter.

Similarly, your reading speed increases with more readings. It becomes a habit for you and eventually you become expert in it. Practice makes man perfect!

So, read more for more speed! Read anything! novels, blogs, newspapers, magazines, books.

2. Distraction Free Environment


Maybe your reading speed is not as slow as you are thinking. If you are in a noisy area tell me how will you be able to concentrate on what you are doing? And when your concentration is less how your reading speed will be high?

There are two states of our concentration, one is Shallow Concentration and another is Deep Concentration.

Shallow concentration is when you do other activities such as talking with your family members or friends or not talking but listening to their conversation, social media scrolling, etc.

Even if you are not doing these things, there are many things which are distracting you like the sound of your TV or the sound of children or youngsters of your society. These things weaken your concentration.

Deep concentration is when you keep all things aside and just focus on reading in the distraction-free area. So, the better way is to go to an isolated area where you can read with higher concentration and faster than before.

3. Your Energy Level

Your energy level matters. Why? Because your state of mind and your energy level influence your productivity level.

Remember your most productive day and now remember the energy level you had on that day.

Was your energy level low? The answer must be No, have you ever seen an athlete giving his/her best performance with low energy? Then how you will give your best performance at low energy? You must have to be energetic to get that peak performance.

Listen to calm, peaceful, silent music. There is no better solution that music to mood swings. It will help in making yourself calm.

4. Stop Subvocalization

I know you don’t read louder but stop subvocalization! What is wrong with it? It will make your reading speed slower.

Listen, your brain can read faster and your eyes also can move faster but this subvocalization is preventing them from doing so! So, If you want to read faster then you have to practice it! I have two techniques for you.

• 1, 2, 3 Technique

This is very simple. Just count 1, 2, 3 continuously in your mind while reading instead of pronouncing the words.

Then what about understanding? Don’t worry your brain is capable of it! When do you see the word ‘man’ do you need to pronounce it to understand what it is? No, right? Your brain knows this word. It doesn’t need to pronounce it to understand it.

• Chewing gum

If you don’t want to count 1, 2, 3. Then chewing gum will help you. It will keep your mouth busy and you will stop subvocalization consciously.

5. Take an overview

See what is there in that book or chapter before you start reading it. Just scan it.

See the table of contents, see which points and subpoints are there. Let your brain be prepared for it.

It is like seeing an address on google maps first before actually going there. It gives you a broader idea about it.

6. Skimming

Have you ever thrown a rock on a water surface? It jumps on that water surface, right? You have to do the same as that while reading.

Don’t read word by word. Read-only important keywords! Listen, words are not important for you. What is important to you is the main idea of that paragraph or chapter or book.

Just read important keywords and don’t waste your time reading in important words like ‘the’, ‘a’. Jump from one keyboard to another and go fast!

Read many words at a time. Just read keywords and see other less important words through your peripheral vision.

What is peripheral vision? In simple words, it is our expanded vision. This means when you see one word, your peripheral vision shows you some other words as well. So, just use it to read faster. But, to use it, you have to practice.

And there is good news for you. You can expand your peripheral vision with practice, it means you will also be able to read 80 pages per minute!

7. Use Pointer

You can use your finger or pen or pencil as a pointer. It will help you in the synchronizing your brain and eyes. Move that pointer as fast as you can. It will lead to more reading speed.

At the initial phase don’t focus on understanding, focus on reading speed. Don’t worry your understanding level doesn’t go down with more reading speed.

Even your understanding level will increase by practicing speed reading. Because now you are reading actively and with more focus.

8. Read Actively

You must have driven a bike or car. Do you drive it at the same speed everywhere like on highways, on bad roads, and in the city? No, right? But you try to read at the same speed everywhere. This is wrong.

Slow down your speed when you have to memorize the stuff. And go as fast as possible when it is less important.

This makes sure that you are not wasting time on the part where you need less understanding or which is least important.

9. Don’t Go Back

Imagine that this bike rider is going ahead for some time and coming back and then going ahead again and he is repeating the same cycle. What would you think that ‘He is stupid’, right? But we do the same mistake while reading.

It breaks that motion you have gained. It acts as a speed breaker. Don’t do this.

I know you are missing some words that’s why you are going back. But even after that don’t go back otherwise you won’t be able to read at your highest speed.

Instead of that increase your focus, you are not focused enough that’s why you are missing the important words and you are not understanding the meaning of the text.

But keep doing it, give your brain some time to get familiar with this new method.

Try to understand whatever you have read and try to link it with the current page and avoid going back.

10. Forced Speed Reading

You have to practice it. You can’t learn to swim by just reading books related to swimming.

You have to go in the water to learn to swim. It is going to be difficult at the start but with practice, you will learn it.

I will share with you two techniques. One is various platforms where you can practice it and another is audiobooks.

• Where to practice

You can practice on a free platform called Spreeder where you can copy the text you want and you can also set your speed and number of words you want to read at a time.

• Audiobooks

Take the book you want to read and also download its audiobook. Set the audiobook at the speed of 2X and read and hear it simultaneously. This will force you to read faster.

11. Summary

The simplest solution to increase reading speed is Reading more and more. You should read in a focused state of mind which will help you in concentrating.

Your mood/energy level can affect your concentration. Try listening to calm music to keep your mind fresh.

Subvocalization will hamper your reading speed. It will prevent your brain and eyes from moving faster. Use 1, 2, 3 Technique or Chewing Gum method to stop subvocalization.

Take an overview of whatever you are reading and use the skimming method to increase your reading speed.

Using pointers like a pen or even your finger will help in synchronizing your brain and eyes.

Try linking the current pages with the pages you have read and avoid going back. Instead of that try to be more focused so that you won’t skip any part. In the end, practising the most important thing one can do.

Listening to audiobooks and simultaneously reading them can be a great solution to force speed reading.

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