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1. What is the time table?

Time Table

Let’s define Time Table first. Everyone knows that a time table is a simple schedule.

A schedule which will tell you what you should do now and by doing it, where you will be reached.

Time table is simply the arrangement of your time in such a way that will help you to complete your daily tasks faster or you can say, complete your plan to use your time effectively.

2. Why time table is so important?

Tell me what did you do yesterday? How productive you were in the last week?

What are you going to do for the next hour? What is your today’s target?

There are many questions like this and if you don’t have solid answers to these questions then this is the time when you should think about your timetable. 

You won’t like to spend your only life without achieving anything great or anything you love. Right, but for that, you need a plan, correct? 

To achieve anything you need a plan, same as a team that is working on a project. Without a plan that team won’t be able to do anything or track anything and neither you. This is the importance of a timetable.

3. How to make a good time table?

Track your day
Firstly, you should track your day. Why it is important? Because it will show you actually where you are spending your time, what you do at what time.

It will act like data for you.

By doing this you will be able to plan your day, like if you are waking up late and doing time pass after that, then you can decide that tomorrow I will wake up earlier and won’t do time pass.

How to track your day? It is very simple, just take a paper and pen. Write what you did in this last hour and do it for every hour of your day till your bedtime.

And see what did you do today and you will get your today’s productivity level. Do this for the next day and the next day, do this for a week or 10 days. You will get to know what is your PATTERN.

Prioritize things
Listen, everything is not important and every important thing is not equally important. So, prioritize things, don’t do unimportant things and less important things first.

Make your priority list. Keep in mind that, if you have too many priorities, it means you have no priority!

Outsource things
Why are you wasting your precious time on useless and less useful things, invest it in important things.

Give those unimportant and less important things to somebody else! Invest your time in doing important and productive things.

• Decide your goals
1. Main goal

2. 6 Months’ goal

3. 1 Month’s goal

4. This Week’s goal

5. Today’s goal

6. This hour goal

What is it? It is very simple!

• The Main goal: Decide your main goal. eg. gold medal in running, own start-up, etc.

6 months goal: To achieve your main you what you need to do in the next 6 months? Like, perfect plan of start-up and funding sources for it, etc.

1 Month goal: To achieve your 6-months goal, what you should do in this month. Like, do a market survey of your startup idea, make a ppt for it, etc.

This week’s goal: To achieve your 1-month goal, what you need to do in this week. Read two books related to startups.

Today’s goal: To complete this week’s goal, what are those things, which you should do.

• This hour’s goal: To complete your today’s goal, what you need to do in this hour. Like, read 60 pages of one book, etc.

• Make your to-do list – by making your to do list, it will be easy for you.

• Use block technique to make your time table
What is it? It is a very simple technique but it will make you far more productive than your competitors. Just divide your day into small parts like earlier. Make 1-hour blocks. I call it a divide and conquer technique.

In this technique, you don’t need to focus on your entire day, you just have to focus on this hour and you will be able to control your entire day easily by just focusing on this hour. Sounds good right?

4. How to execute a time table?

Make your pattern
• As per me habit is a wonder of this world. Why? Do you know what is the most important difference between Muhammad Ali and you? It is habits.

Believe me, this is the most important difference between you and him. He had trained his body and mind to do those things. Make the same time table for every day.

If you can’t do it due to a variety of your tasks then do it for maximum tasks like, wake up at the same time daily and make it a habit and similarly sleep at the same time, decide a time for meditation and exercise.

I just want to say that, make habits and be more efficient. It will make things easy for you.

• Making a pattern of your day will make things easy for you and it will increase your efficiency

5. Common mistakes

Don’t make a rigid timetable which will bind you completely, it will make you unproductive.

Make your time table specific but at the same time flexible. Like if you don’t want to do Physics from 5 pm to 6 pm then study your favorite subject. Don’t be rigid.

Flexibility is the best solution for frequent hurdles.

Vivek Bindra

6. Some tips and tricks

• Divide and rule

Don’t try to be perfect, be realistic. Don’t try to study for 10 hours in one go. It will exhaust you. And you won’t be enough productive. Take breaks in between. Do multiple sessions of study like the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro technique is a simple 25 min study – 5 min break or 50 min study – 10 min break rule.

• Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself to be to complete your tasks. When you think your task will take 1 hour to complete then try to complete it in 50 minutes.

• Focus on quality

Don’t measure your study or work in hours. If you are taking 10 hours to complete a task and another person is taking 5 hrs to complete the same task, then you should complete your increase your productivity not hours.

• Find out your prime times

The time of the day when you suddenly become active. In my case, it is from early morning to 01:00 pm and from 06:00 pm to 12:00 am. Find out your prime time.

• Diet, exersise and meditation

A car without fuel can’t go anywhere and with less quality fuel it won’t be able to perform well. Diet gives you the energy to complete your take choose it wisely.

Exercise makes you active and it will make you more efficient.

Meditation will increase your concentration level, will power and it will calm down your mind. Meditation will make you mentally stable.

7. Some useful links

These articles will help you


Time table is very essential to manage your time.

Track your pattern, prioritize your tasks, outsource unimportant things, decide your daily, weekly, etc goals.

Make your pattern, it will make the execution of your timetable easy for you.

Make your time table specific but at the same time flexible.

Divide and rule, Challenge yourself, Focus on quality, Find out your prime times and also, Follow a good diet, Exercise to keep your mind fresh and do meditation.

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