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1. Colour note

When you don’t have tasks in front of you, you get confused. You don’t understand what to do and then eventually you do nothing. To prevent this you must have some tasks/short goals in front of you.

This app will help you to organize your life by dividing it into many checklists. Your life becomes easy when you divide it into checklists.

Checklists like this week’s target, today’s target, your diet list from morning to night, or any checklist you want.

Having checklists can check whether you are doing well or not. Whether you are completing the tasks. If not then you can improve it.

You can do many things with this app like you you can lock your secret notes so that no one can see your secret notes. Data Backup Option is available in this app so that you will never lose your notes.

2. Time tune

Your life is made up of many days. It is nothing but a compilation of many days.

So, when you manage your day, your life will be automatically managed.

With this app, you can manage your entire day very easily. It will give you the big picture of your entire day so that it will be easy for you to manage your day.

You can create many time tables at one place and with ease. You can divide your day into many blocks like 7 am to 8 am block is for exercise and meditation and so on.

3. Alarmy

You want to wake up early but when your alarm rings you dismiss it and sleep again? Don’t worry, this app will help you. It is specially designed for heavy sleepers like you.

This app will wake you up for sure. There are many tasks to wake you up like clicking photos, shaking your phone, solving mathematical problems, QR Code Scanning, etc.

Suppose you select the task of clicking photos then until you don’t take the photo of a particular object that you have saved in it, this app is not going to stop the alarm!

This will make sure that you are wide awake!

4. My affirmations

Many athletes use affirmation and visualization to improve their performance.

Affirmations mean repeatedly feeding positive words about you to your subconscious mind.

Affirmations have been a very amazing technique that every successful person uses.

How does it work? Your subconscious mind stores things you do and say. And when you say negative words to yourself, your subconscious mind saves this.

And you start your journey towards those words unconsciously. It’s not your subconscious mind’s fault, it can not differentiate between good and bad things.

It’s you that is providing it with the wrong information.

If you don’t know how our subconscious mind works, then you should read this

This app will help you in feeding positive words to your subconscious mind. You will surely see a positive difference in your attitude after using this app.

The app has a feature of sending notifications with affirmations on your phone which really helps in keeping ourselves positive.

5. Habit bull

Habits are so important in our life because they determine whether we are going to succeed or not.

There are only two main differences between successful and unsuccessful people and those are attitude and habits.

So, habits are highly important in our life. Our success, failure, attitude, behaviour depends on what habits do we have.

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.

John Dryden

This app will help you in tracking your habits. And then you will be able to improve yourself.

This is a very simple app to use. Just add a habit you want to build and check whether you are doing it or not. You can see your weekly and monthly data.

Tip – Don’t focus on many habits at a time.

6. Forest

If you are troubling to focus on your work or studies then this is the best app for you.

Just select that for how many minutes or hours you are going to study or work and plant a virtual tree.

If you quit or open other apps before the time you have decided then your tree will be withered.

This app creates an emotional attachment with the trees which makes us focus on our work and not kill the trees.

Tip – Don’t set a big target for yourself, instead of that divide it into small targets, this will be more effective.

7. Relaxing music

When we do too much work or study then we felt exhausted and we need something to relax our mind and body. And what will be the great solution other than soothing music?

So, this is the app I use to listen to soothing music. Specifically, I love to listen to piano music. it is so calming and it relaxes you from top to bottom.

Tip – Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and listen to music.

8. My diary

Words have power, they can motivate you and also demotivate you. When you listen to any motivational speech you get charged up. And when your teacher or boss or anyone says something bad to you, your energy level goes down. This is the power of words.

You often read or listen or produce some good quotes or thoughts. But then you don’t write them, because you don’t have a notebook every time with you and then you forget those thoughts.

You can’t carry a notebook everywhere with you, But you always carry your mobile with you.

Take the advantage of it! Save those thoughts and quotes online.

This app will help you to keep your favourite quotes and thoughts. You can upload images to it. So, it will be easy for you to upload images of quotes directly.

9. Your hour

Your mobile phone can become your good friend if it helps you and you use it rightly but it can become your biggest enemy if you are controlled by your mobile phone.

You can learn many things through online courses on coursera, Khan Academy, YouTube and many other online sources.

This app will help you to track your daily mobile usage. Which app you use the most and at what time of day?

It will show you the whole picture. See if you are wasting your precious time.

10. Sleep town

If you have not decided a particular sleep cycle for you and you stay up late at night for no reason. And wake up late the next day and the same cycle continues.

If you are doing the same thing then this app is made for you.

You have to set your bedtime and wake up time. And your building will be constructing till you are following the rule you have decided for yourself.

If you take your mobile between your sleep time your building will be collapsed.


These are the apps that will help you in your success.

It depends on us how we use technology. It can be best and worst for you at the same time. Make efficient use of it and your life will be made easier.

I have chosen these apps for you. There can be some good alternatives for these apps, you can use them if you want.

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